Hey, I'm Mert.

Founder/Developer of SettleCo. A Front-end Developer that always aims for improvement.


2022 - Now

SettleCo is a tiny development company which located on Turkey, Izmir.

We have a team that consists of 1-5 people

We are a relatively small company that aims to grow by making new projects.


2022 - Now

OpenAnime is an open source anime platform that aims on community, security and speed. It provides some of the unique features that you will rarely see on an anime platform.

Profile section we made for OpenAnime. Here you can see what other people are watching or for how long.

Watch together system to create rooms and chat with your friends that you have invited to your room in realtime while watching your anime

Community section to publish your favorite anime clips

Ability to download anime videos right in your browser

Ability to listen anime musics and soundtracks

and many more feautres that you will love while using OpenAnime!


2022 - Now | Side project of SettleCo

Isolation is a start page with some widgets to keep you focused.

Among the prominent features of the plugin, you can customize the background, favorites, weather widget.

Screenshot taken during the closed beta phase of the project

You can also access crypto prices and music of the day with this extention.


2020 - 2021

MergeApp is the project that we started in the middle of 2020 and we had to stop the project due to various problems.

The starting point of our project was to provide free, ad-free and secure messaging to players or software developers, but things did not go as expected.

(and also the old name of our project was Reponse/ReponseApp, but we decided to change the name because of a random stupid team fight lol.)

The good news is that we will change the concept of the project and relaunch it. this time we plan the app to be offline. (no joke lul)


2020 - Now

Crdvisit is a app where you can pay/receive people, customize your profile and discover new people.

We started developing Crdvisit with Vue towards the middle of 2020 and then shut down its servers. Its name was RepeatPay when we shut down their servers. And we decided to change its name to crdvisit and re-launch it. We are currently trying to rebuild the entire system. We will re-write it with React.js.

Developed & Hosted by Mert Doğu